Bon Voyage

Dear Maran,

  I still remember our simple T-shirt and grey skirt we used to have when we were in high school. We were so young, so naive, so fragile and we created the bond of friendship to survive. The world of teenager was never easy, wasn’t it? But the memory of our old times still one of the best place to escape from the harness of adolescent world. At many times, I find myself laughing over our stupidity, our ego and our youthfulness. It was the place where we were free to make  mistakes, to act silly, to be proud and to boast. When our world was so plain, we created a beautiful ship called , friendship.

Graduation : When we were just so, alay? ahahaha

Graduation : When we were just so, alay? ahahaha

  Ten years and I’m still counting. Too many beautiful memories that I’m afraid my limited brain will never be enough to capture them one by one.   Yes, I know. To sail with me was never easy either. You need an extra grace to be able to love someone like me. Every single mile you sail, God has to add extra patience to get over my mood swing, my inconsistency, and my annoying attitude. Thank God, it seems the bond of friendship is that strong so you still have the fuel to continue the journey.

moren and maran

moren and maran

Dear Maran, Now that you will have another ship to sail, I would like to hold your hands, to send you tons of prayer, to give you my blessings, to let you know how happy I am for the new journey you’ll make. I would like to let you know though the shadow of the future may hide my presence, my heart, my friendship and my prayer will follow you wherever life will take you. No matter how far I’ll go, no matter how hard it will be, I’ll definitely bring you in the deepest part of my memory.

Once upon a time in Ragunan :)

Once upon a time in Ragunan 🙂

And this is my prayer for you: may God will always be the sole leader in your ship, may you both will always cling upon the Lord. I pray that the ray of sun will always fall upon  your home, and smiles will always fill your upcoming days. May your marriage will always be filled with peace, laugh, love, music and lovely memories.  May we can be friends until we’re old and I can see you having your kids, and hear them calling me aunty 🙂

Unyu hura-hura :D

Unyu hura-hura kurang satu 😀

Unyu hura-hura kurang dua

Unyu hura-hura kurang dua

If one day you have that stormy sea, and  I am too far to comfort you, please be still and know that you have a wonderful god. He has the control over any rough and stormy days.

Ten years, and still counting.

Bon voyage

Bon voyage

Bon voyage

Pada suatu hari di Bandung :)

Pada suatu hari di Bandung 🙂

Unyu hura-hura tambah dua :D

Unyu hura-hura tambah dua 😀








nice galz :) Finally

nice galz 🙂 Finally


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