Ode to the tortured

This poem is dedicated to those who have lost their lives, their families, their health under severe persecution, church bombings, and many other affliction they had because of their faith in Christ.   “Your hardship surely will not be vanished into vain” For you, dear brothers, the ones pressed under the pain I raise these […]

A post birthday-message

In my sinfulness, somehow, I think it is hard for people to deal with personality. I know, I think there are so many times I become so unlovable, and probably I turn into the most annoying creature on earth. Haha. However, God has been gracious that He send some people who are kind enough, and […]

Taking vs Giving

The fallen sinful world is penetrating everyone with the nature of taking: what can I get from this community, what can I get from this person, what can I get from this church, what can I get from this company. Jesus teaches his disciples with a different point of view: a different standard, a different […]

Birthday Wish

People asked me, how can I pray for you? And here I my wish for my today’s birthday. Please pray  may I can always be abide and rooted in God’s love never ending love. By having such love flowing within me, may God strengthens me to love in biblical standard: to be patient, to be meek, […]


  Relationship, any kind personal relationship that involve more than one broken man, either marriage, friendship, courtship, brotherhood, sisterhood, can be very messy. As we chose to step into someone’s deeper life, we cannot avoid to see the mark of imperfection.  And those imperfection, can be very hurtful as we will always find dissatisfaction, un-met […]